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Handling & Training Class > September 29, 2021 7:30 pm 1 Obedience Proofing
September 29, 2021  7:30 pm 1 Obedience Proofing
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  • Obedience Proofing begins at 7:30 pm until 8:25 pm on Wednesdays Sep 29, 2021
  • Session time is 55 minutes approximately.

  • Masking is Mandatory.  Please maintain appropriate distancing.
  • Vaccine Passports are Mandatory for entry to the venue.
  • There is no instructor in Obedience Proofing.
  • Courtesy to all other trainers is expected.

  • Please divide training space usage among all trainers equally
If class is cancelled we will post on website prior to 5:00 pm on Wednesday and forward emails to those affected. Credit will be extended to the following class.

Notes: Website for booking classes and to view cancellations: www.lowermainlanddogfanciersofbc.com
Club email: lowermainlanddfbc@gmail.com
Cotonfield Dog Training Centre: 27882 Quinton Ave, Abbotsford, BC V4W 1J7