LMDF Grooming Space

 Grooming Space is pre-booked and pre-paid for the 4 days of the show at a rate of $10 per day per 10x10 ft space. There is a limited day grooming area, ring-side space is only available during breed judging for your breed. Please view the map and return to this page to add your space(s) to your cart and pay upon checkout. Shared power only is free, see premium list for paid drops(clubs have no control over Venue power contracts and make no money from the paid drops). Equipment left overnight/unattended is done at your own risk. All power usage MUST COMPLY WITH VENUE AND FIRE REGULATIONS. PAYPAL is the default payment option. If you have problems email mdfury@dccnet.com

BOOKING CLOSED- 2 spaces for sale at the show


Product   Price
206   $40.00
237   $40.00